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Calendar with German, Christian, Jewish, Islamic,

and other Holidays 2020:


Freude über den beachtlichen Erlös und die Spenden aus der Masken-Nähaktion (v. l.) bei Susanne Müller (Flüchtlings-Initiative), Nsrin Shekho, Bürgermeister Sebastian Seidel, Chirhat Rstom, Christa Leuer (Aktion „Familien in Not“), Najeia Shekho, Arwa Masrieh, Carmen Günnewig (Integrationsbeauftragte der Gemeinde Everswinkel) und Pia Eggert (Wirtschaftsförderin der Gemeinde Everswinkel); das Foto entstand unmittelbar vor dem neuerlichen Lockdown. (privat)




















Freude über den beachtlichen Erlös und die Spenen aus der Masken-Nähaktion (v. l.) bei Susanne Müller (Flüchtlings-Initiative), Nsrin Shekho, Bürgermeister Sebastian Seidel, Chirhat Rstom, Christa Leuer (Aktion „Familien in Not“), Najeia Shekho, Arwa Masrieh, Carmen Günnewig (Integrationsbeauftragte der Gemeinde Everswinkel) und Pia Eggert (Wirtschaftsförderin der Gemeinde Everswinkel); das Foto entstand unmittelbar vor dem neuerlichen Lockdown. (privat)

Quelle: WN 29.06.2020

Two Important Announcements:

HdG closed again -

until June, 30, for the moment.


Rathaus re-opened!

Quelle: WN 13.06.2020

Important Announcement:

HdG re-opened!

Quelle: WN 28.05.2020

Wir bedanken uns von ganzem Herzen bei allen,

die sich an der wunderbaren Masken-Nähaktion beteiligt haben.

Ihr seid klasse!


We would like to, wholeheartedly, thank all of you

who participated in that wonderful project

'We will sew mouth-nose masks for the people of Everswinkel'.

You are great!


Newspaper article about refugees

sewing for their fellow human beings in Everswinkel


Quelle:WN 30.04.2020

Important Announcements:

Due to Corona-Virus, there will be no German lessons

with Barbara and Maria.

Re-Start probably after summer holidays.

For USEFUL TIPS scroll down, please. You will find:

links to legal information, consumer tips, etc.

Cross-Cultural Afternoon Meeting for    Parents and their Kids


Tuesdays as of 16.00 up to 18.00 hrs

cancelled due to Corona Virus


Haus der Generationen (HdG), Nordstraße

Responsible Organizers: Haus der Generationen (HdG), Gemeinde Everswinkel, zwinkel

Contact: Maria Hirnstein, zwinkel, 02582/7474



New: In the very near future, there will be a DIY-Repair Box at the HdG. After having inserted 1 Euro, a flap will open and produce tools for minor repair work - on loan only.

Where? Bahnhofstraße 40, Everswinkel

When: next meetings to be announced in due time

Bildergebnis für kostenlose cliparts nähenSewing is fun

>>> Provisionally suspended <<<

Pictures taken in autumn 2018










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June 22nd - A visit to the "Allwetterzoo" Münster, made possible by the local newspaper "Westfälische Nachrichten"


Quelle: WN 06.07.2019

Visit to the "Allwetterzoo" in Münster, made possible by sponsoring

What an experience! Two coaches, booked by the Everswinkel "Flüchtlings-Initiative", took more than one hundred participants to the "Allwetterzoo" in Münster. Seven FI-volunteers and the HdG-team in charge accompanied the group. This trip was made possible by a donation from the local newspaper "Westfälische Nachrichten", and from project funds. All the participants had lots of fun at the zoo, enjoying the perfect weather and having pleasant talks.

Open Get-Together Discontinued Model

To our great regret, we have to discontinue the Open Get-Together, so successful in the past, from now until further notice. The organizing team is no longer able to offer this form of contact because of its other commitments in the refugee initiative and the decline in attendance. We would like to thank all those very much for their commitment who have accompanied us on this journey, be it active as a creative person, or as a visitor,.

Who knows what the future holds - maybe something new will come later.


As of 2015, a lot of people have been making a great effort to integrate our refugees, currently numbering approx. 250.

This endeavour has proved to be quite successful, which the mixed Integration Team, along with other initiatives in Everswinkel and Alverskirchen, may take the credit for.

Therefore, the members have pondered to give a new form to their work. From now on, their primary concern will be to plan and hold the Get-Together in the HdG.


> personally or via telephone:

Haus der Generationen (HdG), Nordstraße 39, Telephone: 02582 / 8004

MON – THU 14:00 hrs to 18:00 hrs, FRI 14:00 hrs to 19:00 hrs

> via e-mail: [mailto:info@hdg-everswinkel.de]

Further Approach

Home page of the Refugee Initiative:



# The Personal Liability Insurance (Haftpflichtversicherung) offered by the local authority (Rathaus) ends as soon as a refugee has received his/her Residence Permit (Aufenthaltsstatus), i.e. when he/she receives support by the Job Center.

Consequence: He/She must take out an insurance himself/herself!

# You should ensure that your account (e.g. at Sparkasse/Volksbank) has sufficient funds available at your direct debits, e.g. for your rent (Abbuchungsermächtigungen für z.B. Miete), since your financial institution will charge considerable fees immediately. Keep in mind that the first payments by the Job Center might take some time!

Consumer Tips / Check list with consumer tips for refugees in English and Arabic

- What do I have to pay attention to in terms of my bank account?

- How can I find disguised costs in my cell phone contract?

- What do I do when I receive a demand for payment?

- What is important to know when I first move into an apartment?

- ...

In addition, there are six Arabic video clips explaining topics, such as foodstuff, banking, personal liability insurance, cell phone contract, first private apartment, spare time activities, ...


The German Basic Law / Constitution in Arabic:

Das Deutsceh Grundgesetz auf Arabisch.pdf


>>> Self-Help Group for Refugees and Migrants with Mental Problems (traumata, depressions, anxiety disorders...)

Call this number: 0228 71 00 24 25 (help available in these languages: Arabic, English, and French)

Consultation by phone:

Monday through Thursday: 10:00 to 12:00hrs and 14:00 to20:00 hrs

Friday: 10:00 to 12.00 hrs and 14:00 to 18:00 hrs

Via e-mail: seelefon@psychiatrie.de

Psychological consultants will answer within 48 hours (save weekends).

>>> Protection against Discrimination in Germany. A Guide for Refugees and New Immigrants (English)

Multi-lingual guide: http://www.antidiskriminierungsstelle.de/SharedDocs/Downloads/DE/publikationen/Refugees/Fluechtlingsbroschuere_englisch.html;jsessionid=560A84E66256C0DCCF2F000857CB3678.2_cid322

Arabic law advice will be availble soon.

>>> New APP for female refugees suffering from domestic violence

Information available in German, English, Kurdish, Pashto, and Arabic on counselling services and police stations as well as on women's rights in Germany


>>> Free cross-cultural app available: www.ankommenapp.de
>>> Multi-lingual flyer released by "Welcome to Europe" on deportation back to Afghanistan:


Independent Advice Centres für Refugees 2016-09-28 001.jpg

>>> Guide for Your First Weeks in Germany: https://www.ankommenapp.de/

      >>> Have you lost a family member when fleeing from your home country?: www.tracetheface.org

> or  DRK-Suchdienst Fachinformation_Familienzusammenführung Flüchtlinge_13.06.2017.pdf

>>> Save the data of your smartphone before it gets lost/stolen: 


>>> Kitchen Vocabulary: Küchenwörterbuch Guten_Appetit deutsch arabisch.pdf

>>> Two brochures on the German school system: http://ki-koeln.de/languages/

>>> Cross-cultural TV-programme (German/Arabic): http://www.n-tv.de/marhaba

>>> General Refugee Guide: http://www.refugeeguide.de

>>> Vocabulary: W100255_Refugees_Welcome_Wortschatz.pdf

>>> On swimming: http://www.dlrg.de/informieren/regeln/download-uebersetzungen.html

>>> First German phrases and words (in English, French, Arabic): http://www.refugeephrasebook.de/

>>> Information for young refugees in North Rhine-Westphalia: http://www.youngrefugees.nrw/

>>> App - First Steps in German (9 languages: Arabic, Dari, English, Farsi, French, Kurmanci, Pashto, Tigrinya, Urdu):


>>> Zanzu: My body in words and images (in English, French, Russian, Turkish, Arabic, Bulgarian, Polish, Shqipja, Romanian, Spanish, Dutch): http://www.zanzu.de/de

>>> Basic Information for Eritreans: Basisinfo 3amhar Eritrea.pdf

>>> Basic Information for Arabic-speaking Refugees: Basisinfo 3arab.pdf

How to deal with Waste in German and Arabic:

>>>>> Plastics / Plastik:

Gelbe Tonne Liste deutsch-arabisch.pdf

>>>>> Paper / Papier:

Papiertonne blau Liste deutsch-arabisch.pdf
Papiertonne grün Liste deutsch-arabisch.pdf

>>>>> Residual Waste / Restmüll:

Restmülltonne deutsch-arabisch.pdf

>>>>> Biodegradable Waste / Biomüll:

Biotonne Liste deutsch-arabisch.pdf

>>>>> Heating / Richtig heizen: